As soon as he finished speaking, his palm moved horizontally, creating a gust of wind that enveloped the huge arena to ensure that the shockwaves from the battle would not affect the others.

Cui Yuan held the ice spear in one hand and clenched his other fist into a burning flame. His entire body was covered in killing intent as his powerful aura surged out like an azure dragon.

He threw a punch, and ice shot out in all directions. The azure dragon soared into the sky, and a white tiger roared into the sky. Two illusory phantoms lingered around him as he charged forward.

"Ye Chen, you little b*stard!"

"Your senior brother killed so many people from my family, so today, I'll kill you first, then I'll go kill your senior brother!"

Ye Chen's eyes flashed coldly as he lifted his hand and crushed the ice shards that came his way. At the same time, he smashed the illusory phantoms, causing them to dissipate, and his fist went straight for Cui Yuan!