As soon as these words were said, an uproar broke out.

No one had expected that such a heaven-defying place like the Dragon Cleansing Pool, which was something that had been passed down since ancient times, would actually be destroyed by someone!

The key point was who had the ability to do so? Furthermore, this person had murdered so many geniuses in cold blood!

Was this person not afraid of revenge?

The Ling Axe Sect, the Cloud Ocean Sect, and the Dao Sect were not small sects!

The elders of the three sects also erupted with extremely powerful killing intent and anger!

The three of them took a step forward and said coldly, "Please enlighten us, Mr. Jingshui!"

Mr. Jingshui did not waste any time. He stretched out his hand and suddenly pointed at Duan Huai An and the others from the Medical God sect.

Then, his indifferent voice rang out.