Roundtable Activated

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"Ye Chen, what are you mumbling about? Oh right, those three men just now…"

Wei Ying was still scared. After all, this was the first time she had seen someone die so clearly. Moreover, she had killed one of them.

Although Ye Chen had fought at her mother's martial arts school previously, she had been led to believe that Ye Chen had not killed that person. She had been too far to see the situation clearly back then as well.

Ye Chen patted Wei Ying's shoulder.

"Let's go. You know my identity. This was self-defense."


Wei Ying trusted Ye Chen and knew that he would not act recklessly.

The two of them left the Lin family's residence and hailed a taxi, heading straight for the teachers' apartments.

Incidentally, because the Lin family's formation had been destroyed, the residence was completely exposed.

Xiangjiang City, Huaxia.