Things were troublesome?

"Master, which faction is it?"

This was the first time Ye Chen had witnessed something happen that was related to the Samsara Graveyard so clearly.

Before this, these mighty experts had always concealed it, as if there were some things that could not be revealed, or even talked about.

Since he was the owner of the Samsara Graveyard, he naturally had to face everything in the end.

Moreover, Duan Leiren had helped him a lot. Although it was just the latter's divine soul, he was also a part of the Samsara Graveyard. If he could help, he would definitely do so.

Furthermore, Duan Leiren's fate was bound to him. If anything happened to Duan Leiren, he would definitely end up in danger as well.

Lin Qingxuan glanced at Ye Chen and hesitated.