Picking A Fight (Part 4)

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Just as they were discussing excitedly, something changed within the blood energy and icy mist.

In an instant, strands of sword qi filled the sky, exuding endless killing intent as the blood energy and icy mist dissipated completely, revealing a tragic scene.

A young man was holding a sword that nailed an old man to the ground!

"Ye Chen!"

"Third Elder!"

Wang Kun's expression changed drastically. He was filled with grief and indignation as he watched Ye Chen pin the third elder's corpse to the ground with the Stellar Sword. "Ye Chen, you…"

He tried his best to control his emotions and gradually took two steps back. He looked at Ye Chen and shouted hoarsely, "Ye Chen, you killed my clan's elder. Alchemy Master, you must kill Ye Chen. This child is too bloodthirsty. If we don't kill him now, it will lead to a disaster!"

Refining pills?

Ancient Hundred Spirit Pills?