Ye Hongbin could not gain an advantage at all!

The key point was that the other party was too reckless, and fought like a lunatic. Ye Chen chose to receive injuries in order to injure him!

What kind of f*cking fighting style was this? Even body refinement cultivators were not this reckless or suicidal!

Ye Hongbin was feeling very stifled.


He was about to swallow a pill to regulate his breathing, but Ye Chen appeared in front of again!

This kid was like a demon that had crawled out of hell!

"Burning Sky Palm!"

Without hesitation, Ye Chen struck out with his palm, and an endless burning sensation assaulted Ye Hongbin!

Suddenly, flames engulfed Ye Chen's hand, and his crimson palm struck toward Ye Hongbin.

The explosion was deafening. It was as if the sky was collapsing and the earth was cracking. It was extremely overbearing!