Alchemy Master Ling Yi's words echoed throughout the entirety of Danxu Town, and reached everyone's ears.

Luo Wuya stared at Ye Chen and even subconsciously pricked his own arm with his true qi.

It hurt.

It was not a dream!

Most importantly, he did not even realize that the person behind Ye Chen was Alchemy Master Ling Yi!

Someone who was able to make Alchemy Master Ling Yi treat him like this would definitely be extraordinary!


Luo Yao had brought him to the Luo family back then…

If he had gladly accepted him instead of insulting and rejecting him, the Luo family would probably be untouchable right now.

He even thought about his earlier interaction with Alchemy Master Ling Yi. No matter how respectful his attitude was, the other party had completely ignored him.

However, he had gladly accepted it because Alchemy Master Ling Yi's status was just that high and lofty.