Medicine King Valley

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The buzz-cut man felt as if all the bones in his body were broken, and he was in unimaginable pain.

His father was Zheng Renjue, so no one had ever dared to hurt him!

This time, there were actually a few other experts heading to the Medicine King Valley with him, but because he was used to being unrestrained, he chose to travel without them. 

Coincidentally, Luo Zihao was going to represent the Luo family at this event, so the two of them agreed to enjoy themselves in Jiangnan Province for a few days.

In their opinion, given their special identities, no one in the martial arts world would dare to touch them.

Unfortunately, this did not include Ye Chen, who did not care about their background.

He could feel his blood essence in turmoil, and it was extremely difficult to endure.

"You won't get away with what you did either."

Ye Chen's cold voice rang out.