In an instant, Ye Chen's fingers formed a seal, and lightning flashed and wrapped itself around his arm!

What was going on?

All the true qi in his dantian was gathered toward his hands!


Ye Chen forced out a drop of blood essence, and his blood essence began to burn crazily!

In the Samsara Graveyard, two elderly figures naturally noticed this scene.

"Are we really not going to make a move? This kid is a lunatic. Although this attack can severely injure his target from afar, he will also have to pay a huge price."

"If we help, perhaps this kid can escape unscathed," Duan Leiren said to the old man beside him. He did not want anything to happen to Ye Chen.

The Immortal Lord narrowed his eyes and a smile appeared on his lips. He was obviously interested in Ye Chen's actions.