Old Yang and Old Fang's expressions changed drastically. They looked at each other and exclaimed in unison, "Alchemy Master Ling Yi actually refined another ancient medicinal pill! Seeing this aura, its grade is probably extremely high! This is probably Alchemy Master Ling Yi's fifth time this month."

"Quick, quick, quick. Let's hurry and congratulate the Alchemy Master. Perhaps Alchemy Master Ling Yi might even reward us with some pills."

The two of them entered the Core Tower and forced out two drops of blood essence at the same time. The door to the Core Tower was then completely sealed, and everything was silent.

A few seconds later, Old Yang and Old Fang arrived at a stone room inlaid with golden patterns on the first floor. 

The stone door opened, revealing a room that was a little dark.

A sage-like old man was controlling the flames in front of a cauldron.

This person was Alchemy Master Ling Yi whom they had been talking about earlier.