The man was in high spirits as he struck with his spear, which seemed to grow to a hundred feet long!

"Today, I'll let you experience my Heavenly Cloud Soul-snatching Spear!"

Ye Chen's expression changed drastically. The hand that was holding the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword was also trembling!

He condensed the power of the blood dragon and life rune and unleashed an attack of his own. 

He wanted to test the gap between himself and an origin realm expert.

To have true strength, one could not rely solely on trump cards!


The result was still the same. He retreated more than ten steps, and spat out a mouthful of blood!

"Looks like the gap between me and an origin realm expert is still too big. After today, I have to work hard and break through quickly so that I can protect the people around me."

When the man heard Ye Chen's muttering, he sneered.