As soon as those words were uttered, four pairs of eyes shot toward Ye Chen!

At the same time, the other three spears were pointed in his direction, ready for battle. Ever since news about Ye Shitian had reached the Kunlun Mountains, the atmosphere here had changed.

Some people were even panicking!

Logically speaking, a saint realm or saint ling realm cultivator should not have had such a huge impact!

However, the Kunlun Mountains were truly shrouded in Ye Shitian's shadow, as no one knew what his actual cultivation level was. All they knew was that he could control tribulation lightning, and had a divine dragon.

Just the last two were enough to make people afraid, let alone the matter of him using a plum blossom branch to decimate a branch of Yibao Pavilion.

Because of Ye Shitian's matter, the people guarding the entrance were replaced with experts appointed by the hundred sects.