The bearded man realized that he could not even gather the true qi from his dantian. His eyes narrowed as he stared at Ye Chen in horror. 

He said ferociously, "Release me! This is the Bei Xuan sect's territory!"

Ye Chen ignored him and had no intention of letting go. He said calmly, "You were the one who crippled my friend's arm?"

His words were very soft, but cold. 

At the same time, a deathly aura spread out, and the bearded man's body trembled.

His clothes were completely soaked in sweat.

Ye Chen's killing intent was built on the corpses of countless Kunlun Mountains' cultivators!

He was not even afraid of saint realm experts, much less transcendent realm experts.

"I-I-I… Kid, let go!"

The bearded man's face turned red as he suddenly roared.

"Looks like it was you. Since you like to destroy people's arms so much, I'll let you have a taste of your own medicine today."