Granny Hua refused to believe it.

However, the power she sensed from the crimson spear screamed that this was the truth!

How could a piece of trash grow to this extent so quickly?

Other than the fact that he was Ye Shitian, there was no other explanation!

Ye Shitian liked to wear a mask and even disguised himself. No one had ever seen his true face.

Most of the people in the Kunlun Mountains had only heard about Ye Shitian's existence. Everytime he appeared, the Kunlun Mountains would be shaken, and countless people would die!

Ye Shitian controlled divine lightning, Immortal Flames, and even cultivated the Medical Dao. Furthermore, he was no older than 30. 

All of these facts now overlapped with the young man in front of her at this moment!

At that moment, Granny Hua was completely certain that Ye Chen was Ye Shitian!


How did she end up offending this fiend?