As soon as he said this, Elder Wan stood up and advised Bao Peimin, "Old Bao, what are you doing? The Soul Suppressing Sword belongs to Jiang Dao Mountain, and this kid doesn't have the right to take it away. Besides, he killed so many people, so he has to pay a price for what he's done. Don't be stubborn!"

Bao Peimin snorted and pointed his sword at Sun Miao.

"I've made up my mind."

Sun Miao shook his head helplessly.

"I didn't want to attack you, but you've left me with no choice."

"In that case, I'll send you on your way."


Immediately after, a sword appeared in Sun Miao's hand and he charged at Bao Peimin!


Bao Peimin thought that he could resist for some time, but he was caught off guard. The powerful shockwaves from the impact of the blow slammed into his body and sent him flying!

Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood.