Holy Herb Valley

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"Ye… Mr. Ye, please follow me."

Luo had wanted to call Ye Chen by his name, but when she heard him call her Miss Luo, which sounded nice, she thought that if she took the initiative to call him by his name, it would seem distant.

Moreover, if Ye Chen was really the Dragon Master that her master had talked about, everyone would have to address him respectfully from now on.

Ye Chen did not waste any time and followed Luo into the depths of the forest under the cliff.

As for Shi Zun, it was no longer important.

Judging from its current injuries, it was not a threat to Ye Chen.

It would take many years for Shi Zun to recover. By then, Ye Chen would likely be able to kill it easily.

Luo led Ye Chen through the forest and arrived at an empty space before stopping.

"This is the Holy Herb Valley?"

Ye Chen was surprised. There was nothing around him.