Heavenly Phenomenon!

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Five minutes later, the pair arrived at an alchemy room. 

The room was spacious, and there was a cauldron at the center of the room. The cauldron's grade was not low, and there were some medicinal herbs placed around it.

"Mr. Ye, is this okay?" Xiang Chengdong asked.

Ye Chen nodded. Moments later, he acted. He channeled his true qi and slammed his palm onto the cauldron.


After his furious roar, the temperature of the entire room suddenly rose, and a bright flame actually appeared under the cauldron.

Upon seeing this scene, Xiang Chengdong's breathing quickened and he became extremely excited.

"Qi Condensing Pill Flames! I've actually seen Qi Condensing Pill Flames again!"

This was an ancient alchemy technique! Mr. Ye actually knew ancient alchemy!

Xiang Chengdong's exclamation was actually pretty loud, and out of order.

"Be quiet," Ye Chen said.