Hades from the Infernos of Hell!

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Master Hu was left fuming with rage when he saw that none of his own henchmen dared to move.

Never in a million years did he think that a sentence would frighten these bunch of useless trash!

'Are these guys blind? There's only one of him!'

'It shouldn't matter that he practiced martial arts. There are so many of them. What's there to be scared about?''

At that moment, he could feel distinctly the blood trickling down his palm. If he left it like this any longer, he might lose his entire hand entirely.

He looked over to Ye Chen and said, "This guy over there. You attacked with such force. Don't you think it's a bit too much to disable both my arms like that? I, Lin Hu, did nothing to offend you."

Ye Chen ignored Lin Hu and instead stood up and took out a cigarette from his pockets. He lit it up with ease.

He was completely indifferent toward the life and death of someone else.