"Three more…"

Ye Chen stood amidst a pool of blood and smiled coldly. One could sense a tangible bloodlust in the air.

The eyes of Zhongcun and the remaining two experts of the Martial Emperor Society were filled with horror,

What kind of f*cking monster was this person?!

They had come into contact with many of Huaxia's martial artists and soldiers, but they had never encountered such a bloodthirsty demon!

"Lord Zhongcun, what should we do…"

The two other experts' legs were on the verge of buckling.

Zhongcun suppressed the shock in his heart. The sword in his hand flashed with a trace of spiritual energy as he roared, "Kill him together!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The two of them charged forward, one in front of the other. However, before they got very far, Ye Chen's arm flickered, and a cold gleam flew out.

A dart tore through the air, which then pierced both of their foreheads!

Thud! Thud!