"We can only wait for the Alchemy Conference to end and inform the Alchemy Masters of our actions before we take action and kill Ye Shitian and his four subordinates!"

Cui Ming was worthy of being an experienced expert. He knew all the big forces and Alchemy Masters very well!

Given the current situation, if they attacked Ye Shitian recklessly, the Alchemy Masters would definitely take action. At that time, the conflict would involve too many parties and would turn into a chaotic battle.

"Are we just going to tolerate this?"

One of the Cui family's guardians could not help but ask.

"The one we're tolerating isn't Ye Shitian, it's Alchemy Master Ling Yi," Elder Cui Ming said slowly, "The Alchemy Conference will be held in three days. During that time, you guys should set up the formation and keep track of Ye Shitian's movements. When the conference is over, we will kill this b*stard!"