With every step Little Gold took, a deep footprint appeared on the ground, causing cracks to appear.

Ye Chen's heart could not calm down after he witnessed that scene. Little Gold was so domineering!

If that was the case, he could use Little Gold to crush all of his enemies.

At this moment, Little Gold was only a few dozen meters away from Cui Yuan, and its gaze was cold and bloodthirsty.

The ruthlessness of its ancient beast bloodline in its body was completely stimulated.

"You shouldn't touch him. The price of doing so is very high. He's very important to me. Extremely important," an indifferent voice rang out.

There was no warmth in its voice.

Suddenly, Little Gold moved. 

Its hind legs bent, and the ground caved in as it pounced ten meters into the sky. Then, a huge paw imprint tore through the sky and slammed down on Cui Yuan.