Dragonslayer Sword

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Li Xuanjun's lips curled into a mocking smile as he looked at Ye Chen, who was gasping for breath.

This was the crushing difference in strength between them.

This b*stard had actually tried to escape from his hands. How ridiculous!

Today, he wanted Ye Chen to die! 

After all, this was what he had been tasked with in leaving the Kunlun Mountains this time.

"Brat, get ready to take your last breath!"

The killing intent swept over like a huge wave, and Ye Chen's heart sank.

It was as if an invisible hand was strangling his throat, suffocating him..

Seeing Li Xuanjun's sword appear in front of Ye Chen, in his moment of crisis, a bloody-red light rushed out!

To Ye Chen's surprise, it was the Dragonslayer Sword that charged out this time!

His spiritual sword was protecting him!

This was something only heard of in legends!