He unsheathed the Dragonslayer Sword and unleashed the first sword move of the Heaven-Splitting Sword. 

Hidden Dragon Slashes the Heavens!

Using the Azure Dragon Phantom Body technique, Ye Chen took the initiative to strike!

As his sword glowed red, his sword swept toward Elder Zhu, A sharp sword qi materialized and shot forward as he channeled his true qi into the sword.

The world seemed to freeze as the sword qi tore through the air like a raging tempest.

Even though they were a few meters away, Ren Qiyun and the other elders of the Fallen Sword Sect could not help but change their expressions when they sensed Ye Chen's aura.

True soul realm?

No! This sword strike and aura far surpassed the true soul realm!

The sword qi condensed by Ye Chen's sword strike... How terrifying!

This was probably not inferior to a full-powered attack of a fourth-level true soul realm expert, right?

How did Ye Chen do it?

"Get lost!"