Do You Like This Place?

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Why was this disciple of the Medical God sect so unique? There was definitely a problem!

No matter what, he had to figure out this secret!

Ye Chen glanced at the old man and said fearlessly, "What does it have to do with you? Also, where is my master?"

To a certain extent, Lin Qingxuan was standing behind Ye Chen, and the former was the true master of Qingxuan Peak. Therefore, these descendants were not worth his while.

Moreover, Xiao Bi was sweeping the floor here and was so afraid of these people. Who knew what had happened here during this period of time?

How could he be nice to these people?

Hearing Ye Chen's arrogant words, the old man's expression changed completely.

This kid from the Medical God Sect was the first person who dared to say such words to him on Qingxuan Peak.