The speed of Lin Moshan's punch surprised Ye Chen, and he immediately realized that this person was not only stronger than he was, but also stronger than Rakshasa was.

Damn it!

He really met his match!

Lin Moshan did not even give Ye Chen a chance to think. After his initial punch was dodged, he charged at Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen's expression was grave. As he could not activate the third tombstone, he could only rely on himself now.

The only way he could put up a fight was if he used Burning Sky Palm!

Ye Chen then channeled all of the true qi in his dantian into his palm, and then struck…

As he did, waves of powerful energy swept out, causing the ground to tremble, and the tables to shatter.

Despite seeing this, Lin Moshan showed no signs of fear. His true qi revolved around his palm as he unleashed a palm attack of his own!

However, his palm strike barely lasted moments before…