Did You Bring The Thing?

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Recently, the number of migrant workers asking him for wages had decreased significantly. Anyone who had any grievances would become the dog's victim.

Furthermore, he had connections and influence. He had connections behind him. Even if something happened, he could suppress the news.

Liu Zihan was scared by the ferocious bull terrier in front of her, and her face turned pale. She kept slowly retreating, afraid of being bitten and mauled.

She had already called Ye Chen, and wondered if he would be able to rush over. Judging from the car Ye Chen left in yesterday and the people around him, she felt that this young man should be quite influential, and was thus the only one who could help her and her father at this time.

She was really at her wit's end.

"Zhong Hailong, don't you f*cking touch my daughter! My daughter is innocent!"