When he saw Ying Qing's message, both his and Lei Shuwei's breathing quickened. 

Suddenly, Lei Shuwei thought of something and said, "Since Ying Qing can send a message, why did he only send it to you? There's a problem."

Ye Chen nodded. 

"But right now, this message is the only clue."

Seconds later, the content of the message was revealed.

There were only a few words…

"Ye Chen, have you ever experienced despair?"

Ye Chen frowned slightly. This confirmed that the message had not been sent by Ying Qing.

Ying Qing would not call him by his name, let alone type out such boring drivel.

Ye Chen tried to call, but the number was not in service.

"Mr. Ye, this is an encrypted message. It's impossible to trace the source."

"However, since the other party sent this text message with his phone, Ying Qing might still be alive. After all, the user access verification process for Dragon Soul's phones is quite complex."