Everyone thought that Ye Shitian's hand would be swallowed by the giant mouth, but nothing happened.

On the other hand, the black tiger was enjoying it, rubbing its head against Ye Shitian's hand!

It seemed like it was trying to curry favor with Ye Shitian?


Everyone present sucked in a cold breath. Who would have thought that the famous ferocious beast of the Land of Slaughter would be as obedient as a house cat in front of Ye Shitian.

This was simply too shocking!

"Why does it feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me? Doesn't the Black Tiger King eat cultivators?" someone asked in a trembling voice.

"You're not seeing things, but if Ye Shitian has tamed the Black Tiger King, he not only has the Black Tiger King, but all of its subordinates as well…"

"Where did Ye Shitian come from? Martial arts! Alchemy Dao! Medical Dao! And now f*cking beast taming?"

"Could Ye Shitian be a descendant of an ancient family?"