Ye Chen glanced coldly at a corpse and thrust the Nine Nether Sky Spear into the old man's body, crushing his internal organs, limbs, and bones.

In an instant, a hundred strands of spear qi eviscerated the body!

"He actually died! Just how did Ye Chen get so strong? The injured old man could not even last ten moves! Ye Chen's only a Daoyuan realm cultivator now, so once he reaches the Supreme Emperor realm, who can stop him in the Kunlun Mountains?"

Although Ji Siqing knew the result, she was still shocked when she saw it play out. She walked over, and as she looked at Ye Chen, he seemed familiar, yet different as she tried to reconcile the two people as one.

"Why are you staring at me? Did you fall in love with me?" Ye Chen asked teasingly. 

He casually disposed of the body, but not before checking if the old man still had anything worth taking.