Duan Huai An snapped out of his daze. He had never expected Hong Tao to have such a big shot by his side.

This kind of big shot had a special identity and would not usually resort to deception. Otherwise, it would be a disgrace to the Core Tower.

Seeing Ye Chen's confusion, he explained, "Young man, the Core Tower is the holy land of alchemy in the Kunlun Mountains. It has a total of ten levels. Every year, the Core Tower will invite fifty top alchemy geniuses to enter the Core Tower."

"Currently, most of the core elders and alliance leaders of the Alchemy Alliance have a great relationship with the Core Tower. Also, the jade pendant on Senior Feng's waist shows that he has once reached the third level of the Core Tower. This is enough to prove his talent and strength in Alchemy Dao, which qualifies him to be the judge today."

Only then did Ye Chen understand.

"Mas… Senior Duan, what will happen if one reaches the tenth level?"