Cloud Lake Manor (Part 1)

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Zhou Zhengde, Zhou Fulu, and Xia Hongye all happened to be at the same table.

The three of them looked worried. None of them had expected Ye Chen to do something this crazy. 

Their influence and resources could no longer save him!

Even if the big shots wanted to intervene, it would be very difficult. This was also the reason why Dragon Soul had not appeared.

They could only hope that Ye Chen would not show up today.

At the same time, at another table, a beautiful girl was sitting with her legs crossed. Her eyes were bright, and she carried herself elegantly.

She was probably the most attractive person in Cloud Lake Manor today.

Zhu Ya!

A middle-aged man sat beside her, who was the Zhu family's head, Zhu Wentian. He glanced at the door. Seeing that there was no movement, he whispered, "If Ye Chen really comes, are we really going to protect him?"