What the hell?

Using a cigarette to go up against Bai Zhanyuan's spiritual artifact?

Bai Zhanyuan and his subordinates behind him were dumbfounded, and felt that it was quite ridiculous.

Of course, they knew that the cigarette in Ye Chen's hand was ordinary. How could such a thing destroy a spiritual artifact?

Bai Zhanyuan's expression was ferocious.

For five whole years, no one had ever dared to look down on him like this, let alone be so arrogant.

The supreme treasure he stole from the Formation Alliance was this very fan!

This fan was called the Ancient Formation Fan, and contained traces of the Dao of Formations. Its value was remarkable.

Using it to establish formations would increase the strength of the formation by ten or even a hundred times, which was perfect for killing formations.

All these years, he had never met an existence that could stop him once he used it.