Their spiritual swords had been bound to them by blood, and they were even forged with special materials. By right, their swords would only obey them.

However, how could they explain all of this?

Cui Ruicheng's face turned even paler when he saw this scene. Lightning, fire, and formations. This kid had already mastered three different types of powers.

This was simply unheard of in the Kunlun Mountains!

Most importantly, this kid was only a saint realm cultivator!

"A bunch of trash. Is this all you are capable of? I'll give you ten seconds. If you don't take this kid down, I'll have my father deal with all of you when we return!"

Panic spread as Cui Ruicheng urged the old men to push forward. 

He had no other choice.

He had not informed his father of his actions, nor had he brought the elite experts of the Cui family. After all, these six origin king realm experts should have been enough to deal with a mere saint realm cultivator.