Breakthrough And Tribulation

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"Let's go!"

After he finished talking, Ren Qiyun waved his sleeves and left. No matter what, someone would have to bear his anger!

Either that stubborn b*tch or the Jiang family!

Otherwise, the people from the Kunlun Mountains would laugh at him if they found out about this matter.

The remaining few elders glanced at Ren Qiyun and shook their heads helplessly. Ren Qiyun was the leader of the team of elders here, so they naturally could not overrule his decision.

The Jiang family could only be considered to have dug their own grave.


Back at the Soul Suppressing and Sun Splitting Stone, Ye Chen had already reached the ninth-level of the unity realm.

He was only a step away from the true soul realm!

He failed again and again, and tried again and again!

The power of the snake's gallbladder had been completely fused into his bloodline. However, he was riddled with injuries!

"It's still not enough!"