His daughter had never brought a boyfriend home before, and he was not sure how her relationships were at the university. 

He had previously arranged several blind dates for her, but she had rejected the idea each time. Thus, he was taken aback when she suddenly brought a man home.

"Dad, am I not allowed to come home?"

Wei Ying rolled her eyes at Wei Yongming, and then introduced Ye Chen.

"Dad, let me introduce you to our university's new professor, Professor Ye Chen. He's my neighbor now."

"Hello, Uncle," Ye Chen greeted politely.

Wei Yongming nodded and muttered, "You're already a professor at such a young age. You've got quite the future ahead of you."

"By the way, Ying'er, when did you two get together?"

Wei Ying blushed and explained, "Dad, we're colleagues. Don't jump to conclusions. By the way, where's Mom?"

"Professor Ye, please come in."