Blood Is To Be Repaid With Blood

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Control reincarnation?

When Fourth Brother heard that, his expression froze.

There were countless Daos in the world, and the strongest Dao was Reincarnation!

However, who would have thought that this kid was an existence that could control reincarnation?

His gaze fell on Ye Chen again, and suddenly, he noticed something.

The young man's body was covered in a faint layer of light!

Light of Reincarnation!

Origin qi!

Most importantly, this origin qi was more terrifying than any he had ever seen!


He was finally convinced that the shadowy figure's words were true. In that case, this young man had to die. Otherwise, he would definitely pose a threat to the Blood Spirit Clan.

However, in the presence of the shadowy figure, it would be very difficult for him to kill Ye Chen. Furthermore, no one outside knew what was happening!

His mind spun rapidly, but he could not figure out what to do.