After the silence, there was an uproar!

"Who is this rogue cultivator? The power of that punch just now actually had multiple attributes! Blood dragon, flames, divine lightning, and I even felt the power of body refining from his attack."

"When did such a monstrous genius appear in the Kunlun Mountains?"

"This kid should be on the Heaven's Declaration rankings. What's his rank?"

"Yes, the minimum requirement for a rogue cultivator to enter the Blood Spirit Mystery Land is to be on the Heaven's Declaration rankings. Judging from his strength, he must be in the top 800 of the Heaven's Declaration rankings."

The crowd discussed animatedly.

At this moment, an old man flipped open the roster and formed a seal with his fingers. Suddenly, his expression changed slightly.

"That kid is Ye Shitian! Ye Shitian, whose name once resounded throughout the Kunlun Mountains! I didn't expect Ye Shitian to be so much more terrifying than the legends."