The Disintegrator Book

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The Disintegrator


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Drip Drop Drip Drop If you think it's water running down a tap then I must say that you're gravely mistaken. For this is not water that is dripping but blood, My Blood. Why? You ask. That's because I am currently hanged on a Cross with chains around my neck and limbs. And I have been on this cross for Nine….or is it Ten now?.... Anyway, it's almost ten days since I was hanged. My world has started to go woozy, Light is being replaced by darkness, slowly but surely. But there's one thing that is still not happening. That is, I still can't feel any pain, and no it's not because of blood loss or anything but it's an inherent trait in my race, we can't feel emotions at all. I tried a lot of things, so that I may feel some kind of emotion, but everything was for naught, and now I am taking my last breath. 'Well… at least I tried….' And the eternal darkness took me…..or that's what was supposed to happen but— "How long are you going to keep your eyes closed" .…...……………………………………........ This is my first book so it might be slow in the beginning and it might even contain a lot of mistakes, so please bear with it. The cover is not mine if the artist wants it I can remove it. *Special thanks to G.S.M*


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