451 Just a fetus

The room smelled of the underlying aroma of cigarette smoke. Snubbing the last nub of cigarette, Enger lit another. His eyes briefly shifted to the cigarette butts on the floor before his gaze seeped towards the sea through windows.

He had this worst habit once but gave up the obsession because Leena hates smoking. But, today, Enger felt agitated even when Leena was staying by his side. Many questions were running through his mind. How will she react to him? If not for the betrayal from that woman, he wouldn't have gone along this path.

Enger snapped at the door when he heard the whispers echoed inside. ''How is she, Ellie?'' He asked the doctor.

''I checked her condition as you said, Enger,'' Ellie said. ''She is good.''

''Did she wake up?'' Enger spoke, rolling the cigarette.

''Not yet.'' She replied. ''But nothing to worry about. Her health is perfectly fine.''

Enger hummed. ''You can leave. I will call if I need your help.''


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