459 Daughter or Son?

At first, confusion, then realization hit him hard. His hand trembled. In a blink of an eye, Leena watched him undergo a series of emotions, and finally, his face buzzed with happiness like he fell in love with the whole world. At the sight of his genuine smile, the world stopped for Leena, and all that existed for her was him and his eyes staring at her.

''Are you really?'' He asked in disbelief. He still can't believe this is all real, only to wake up to hear that it was a beautiful dream. 

Although Leena hasn't confirmed with the gynecologist, the signs are apparent. ''A thousand times yes! You got a promotion.'' She pinched his cheeks hard to let him know the emotions he experienced were all real. ''I have hinted at you several times, but your thick brain didnot catch my clues. One plus one is not eleven, idiot.''


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