49 William's plan

Meanwhile at Linda's side… 

William was prepared to let go of Linda. He knew that he have to do it one day or another. 

But he simply didn't have the heart to let her go. He don't want to but he must do it….because he don't have any other option. 

If he don't let Linda go...his cruel father will kill her and he don't want it to happen. 

That poor girl don't deserve it and he don't want it to happen either. He want her as his mistress but not as his wife. 

Sometimes, he wonder how good it will be if Linda is from a rich family. All he want is to marry a rich girl from powerful family so that his position in the company will be secure. 

However, Linda is a commoner. Unfortunately he can't marry her but keep her as his mistress. 

But little did he knew that her status is off the charts from him. He wouldn't have even thought that she is someone whom he can't even meet if she really use her status. 

However,his lust for her physically and his want for her mentally, is not enough to ignore his greed for money and power. 

Moreover, he could have dumped her too like he always do, but she is useful to him in many ways. Some of his ex mistresses are greedy that they use to keep quiet if he give them money….but Linda is already rich. 

Some of them use to stay hidden if he give them the support they need…but again, Linda has everything and all she want is the love from him. Which by regret, he can't give her. 

He can't love anyone or anything but money and power. 

He is selfish and greedy that he feel she is not up to the mark to become his lawfully wedded wife. She is suited as his mistress but she will not allow it. She want pure love and respected position in his life. 

After all, she sacrificed her fame, celebrity life just for him. A genius like her who is more suited as a director in the company still opted to become his personal secretary just because of him. So, in no way she will allow him to dump her or allow herself to become his mistress. 

He should force her and he have a plan for that too. 


"Where are we going Will" Linda asked as she saw him driving out of the city.  

William looked at her and sighed inside. Why is he feeling heavy to betray her? 

No…no it is not love and he is so sure of that. It might be because he got habituated to her being with him. 

After looking at her for some time he sighed again. "Somewhere special" William said and averted his eyes.

After waiting for sometime, expecting that he would tell her more, Linda got bored and she doze off. 

William looked at her with complicated feelings. But he is sure of what he want. 

So, he is not in dilemma. 

Practically speaking….he just want someone with good business mind to be at his side. And Biyu is same…..she is after all the business tycoon….Zhou Feng's sister. She might be even more good than Linda. 

Linda is after all the woman with genius brain….at least that is what he knew. 

Keeping it aside, he need some beautiful woman to be at his side and fulfill his wishes. Biyu is no less beautiful than Linda. Moreover she is feisty and interesting unlike Linda who is always reserved and unusually exquisite. 

And for his wild fantasies….he has his mistress. So…..he don't need Linda anymore. 

Sighing again, he called someone to inform them that they will be reaching the cliff. 


At the same time… 

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Biyu who just got out of her penthouse started her journey to her brother's house. He is in his private villa and Biyu is excited to know what he might be doing there. 

Since few months, he started being secretive and often stayed back at his place rather than coming back to his family mansion. 

So, Biyu didn't inform him that she will be visiting. She is so curious to find out why? 

Is he having a secret girlfriend or worse, did he get married already. 

With all those thoughts revolving in her head, she decided not to inform him. After all it is just ten minutes journey from her penthouse to his private villa. 

What might happen in ten minutes??

And she is sure someone like Austin can't find out about the betrayal she did to him. It was after all happened just few hours back. 

He will probably be blazing with anger to use his mind wisely. Though he found out he can't attack her in city H because it is her brother's empire. 

But little did she knew that someone as high as her brother is now after her. 

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