54 Very suspicious....

Two months passed by in blink of an eye….

Still, Linda is in coma in country D, safely hidden from the outer world. She is in VVVIP private sector of Valdez hospitals. 

Even the doctors doesn't know about her existence. Her personal doctors are none other than Jasper's aunt and his siblings (Jean and Jeff). 

Meanwhile, Country D is the second most important base of both council and Braxton corporations. 

So, Jasper didn't face any huge complications as he started working from there. 

Moreover, it was quite common for him to work from country D because it is where his grandparents are….

He is very close to them that he often stay back there for months. 

So, when he stayed back in country D, no one suspected anything. 


Like everyday, Jasper visited Linda before going to his office. He would check on her before or after his work. But everyday, she will be the same….lifeless and motionless. 

But it became his daily routine….just like how he was living lifeless….after Evelyn's death. 

Evelyn's death really, really impacted him a lot that he became even more isolated and gloomy. 

Including this…..seeing Linda like this, added fire to his depressed and cold life. 

There are two girls he ever loved in his life…

One girl is already long dead, while the other is in coma. 

Frankly, his feelings for Linda have totally changed. He no longer have same feelings… 

Linda has totally changed and he didn't actually love her in such a way that he use to do back then. She have become calm, reserved and very cautious…..

Her active, energetic self is nowhere to be seen in those past days he observed in city H. 

But she is still his first love and he couldn't deny that he care for her. It is just that his feelings for her or not romantic based anymore. 

As soon as he entered her ward, his sister Jean is already there….checking her vitals. 

Even she would come here to check on Linda before going back to her company. As she had known Linda since Jasper's childhood, Jean is fond of her. 

"Any improvements" Jasper asked as he slightly gave a hug to his sister.

His voice is faint and gloomy like always. 

Jean sighed and looked at her 'lifeless' brother. 

"Well, I have a good news. We can help her to wake up and including this, we could see little reduction in her blood clot in brain. 

"She might wake up after this week or so. It depends on her will power" Jean shrugged. 

"Hmm" Jasper nodded his head as he looked at Linda's sleeping figure. 

"I hope you wake up soon ….Linda" Jasper whispered one last time before going back to his office. 


Exactly on the same day, at mid noon…the girl who is in coma from two months woke up…..at last she has opened her almond, grey eyes. 

At first, she couldn't get accustomed to the faint light lingering in the room….so she quickly closed her eyes. 

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Her mind is in blank and she couldn't understand what happened. 

The last thing she remembered is driving her new car. The breaks didn't work and she somehow hit the big container. That's it…. everything after that is a blur. But she still remember the pain she has gone through during then. She felt like her body is shredded into pieces. 

She was sure she is dead. But how did she end up here. 

Biyu felt her head thump with pain. Every nerve is screaming in agony. And some of her memories are void as she tried to remember what has happened before the accident. 

But she don't remember what happened in this six months.

 All she remembered is that she was saved by Austin from an accident and getting admitted into hospital. It is the day he proposed to her. 

Before the accident (six months back), she remember that her uncle called her at that time, he said that he want to talk to her about something serious. But before she could meet her uncle Zake, she met with a minor accident only to get saved by Austin. Before she went into unconscious state…Austin proposed to her.

And after that, Biyu remembered nothing….nothing at all, except for how she has died. 

So, basically she don't know who Jasper is. That day, six months ago her uncle actually called her to talk about Council. 

And it is only when she got to know about Jasper and the power her family has in country X. Later, Austin requested her to help him and she agreed. But too sad that she don't remember any of that. 

(A/N : The remaining….we know) 

 Biyu (Linda) sat up a little bit with lot of difficulty. Her head is throbbing and her throat is burning…..she could barely talk. 

After her eyes got habituated to the light in the room, Biyu (Linda) looked around in confusion. 

She is in hospital room...and when she saw herself, she couldn't help but panic in utter confusion. 

Hell! This is not her body!!! 

Damn man!! 

Did she reincarnate??

How can that be possible!!

She thought that it is only possible in novels and movies. 

But here she is….in the body of other woman. 

However, getting reincarnated is far, far better then dying ….

Meanwhile, the personal nurse who have noticed that the madam is awake, hurriedly informed the doctors as well as Jasper. 

By now he is already in the way…

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