147 The Day when Jasper finds out Linda's existence

Mei frowned and irritatingly asked, "What happened? Why are you calling me from grandfather's phone." 

"I am talking in behalf of your grandfather, dear daughter. He just asked me to inform you something" her father told. 

Meanwhile, Feng frowned. He didn't like the tone of voice of her father. 

Like always, so domineering and commanding. 

Mei noticed the angry baby in her lap and caressed his cheeks, silently pleading him not to loose his cool self and lash out on her father. 

"What is it that you want to talk, father?" she asked. 

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And in the same time Feng sat up and pulled her into his embrace. He slowly started kissing and sucking her neck, making her very hard not to moan. He loves teasing her like this….

"Your grandfather had set up a date for you today evening. He seriously want to you to go and meet the person" her father told. 

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