148 She is a victim...

Jasper frowned at the depressing vibes the cover is emanating and then opened the book. 

"Linda!!!" Jasper spoke in utter shock. 

Few seconds back…..

When he opened the book it is only when he noticed that it isn't a book at all. Inside the book shaped cabinet there is a small, black box. 

He couldn't help but frown. 

He thought that this book is the second part of story director has narrated, which is awfully his and Evelyn's past. 

So, he expected something else and have received something he didn't expect. 

Still in his bewilderment, Jasper took the black box and opened it. 

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But what he saw next is something that made him utterly shocked and stunned. 

Inside the black box is the platinum pendant chain. The pendent chain might be totally unique and one of the kind, but it was actually the gift Jasper gave on her birthday when they were eighteen. 

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