86 My theory is....

After a week of spending in country X, four of them returned back to City H, China. Alex is at last fine but she is still not aware of her miscarriage. 

Meanwhile, after Biyu attended her therapy with Blake, she started to roam in country X. Those were the places where she had been to before reincarnating and losing her memory. 

And, her visit to those places didn't disappoint her. She felt them similar and sometimes some vague memories even returned to her. 

However, without knowing her, Jasper had his people following her. He is worried that the white shadows would try to kill her. After all, he was the one who brought her into all this mess. 

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After returning back, Jasper and Liam became very busy. The main branch of Braxton corps will be officially starting the next week. Many old and powerful companies were sent invitations and even the whole media is totally excited to attend the banquet. 

After all, Braxton corporations are one of the most powerful and well- known now company in western countries. 

In other hand, Alex and Biyu were also busy with their fashion brand. But Biyu didn't forget to attend her therapy classes. 

Just like her normal routine….she went to the hospital early in the morning and completed her therapy session. And as soon as she went back, Blake called Jasper and asked him to come to meet him. 

Jasper didn't take much time to guess why he is being called. 

After few hours….

"So, why did great doctor Blake called for me? He should be very busy right" Jasper mockingly asked. 

He is still holding his petty grudge on his friend for most disclosing Linda's information. 

These recent incidents are truly driving him crazy….

The resemblance between Linda and Biyu became too inevitable to ignore. And, in addition to this his team informed that Linda visited some of the places which Biyu use frequently visit. 

"Sorry man. I didn't mean to do that…but I must protect my patients information and not disclose it. That is the reason I haven't told you" Blake apologized. 

Jasper laughed. "I am just kidding. I understand you… no need to apologize. But, why did you call me all in sudden? Did something happen" Jasper couldn't help but ask. 

Blake smiled at his friend and patted his shoulder. 

"Why didn't you tell me that this 'Linda' is your childhood 'Linda'" Blake asked.  

"Well, there is nothing going on between both of us anymore. So, I didn't feel that it is imimportant to point it out unnecessarily" Jasper said. 

"It is just that…..even there is nothing happening between us ..she is still mine, Alex and Liam's childhood friend. We cant abandon her just for something that is long back finished" Jasper said. 

"But, your childhood friend Linda is an orphan, right? But this Linda has a brother. Man!! I was racking my brains since inbound this" Blake sighed. 

"Even I have many questions about her and all those things related to her. That is the reason I wanted you to talk about her and her reports" Jasper said.

"Yeah, actually I called you to talk about this. I wanted you to listen everything before you Judge me" Blake pouted. 

"My theory would be weird you know" he surely chuckled. 

Jasper felt amused and couldn't help but ask what it is….

He knows how Blake is. For everything he will have some theory and he really rack his mind and look into many cases before coming up with a theory. 

Neuroscience is after all his pro subject…

"And what was that great  my friend came up with" Jasper asked as he chuckled. But deep down, he is curious what is wrong with Linda and   how she is connected with Biyu. 

Blake's eyes twinkled and he excitedly opened Biyu's reports and his thesis papers. 

"Jasper, at first I thought of taking some limited sessions for Linda and return to country D to the headquarters. However, Linda's case is little interesting and unusual. I have been to many other sessions and came across with some cases similar to Linda" Blake curiously said. 

"Look into this reports. It shows that everything is fine with her but while I take private sessions…talking with them and interacting with them… I find this uncertainty and confusion in their eyes." Blake said. 

"Even Biyu is same…" Blake said.

 "From few years I have been researching on this matter with help of your sister Jean and others. I even have a theory….but before telling to  you….I want you to see and listen these" Blake said and turned on the recordings of his sessions with Linda. 


After hour or so… 

Even Jasper is confused. As someone who knows both Linda and Biyu as well, he felt very confused after seeing the recordings. 

"And, your theory is??" Jasper asked, continuing his reverie. 

"My theory is little fictional and unrealistic. But I believe that this is not something impossible either" Blake said as he opened all his thesis papers. 

Jasper knew about physiology and Neuroscience a little. As both of his siblings are into it, he is familiar with some of it. 

"My theory is 'reincarnation'. I have came across many people who might have gone through this" Blake proudly said. 

Meanwhile….Jaspers felt as if his head is blasted. 

Well, he would have laughed out loud and mocked Blake…but only if he wouldn't have seen all these videos and recordings what Blake have showed to him. 

And, in addition to this, he had seen Linda these many days in country X. She resembled Biyu a lot. 

It might be true too...

When Jasper thought about it….he felt it very comical and novelistic. But, didn't Linda and Biyu went through the accident on the same day at same time in same city??

Recently, he felt that Linda is being too concerned about Biyu. Even they resembled a lot….

And most importantly, what is Linda doing with Feng?? 

They don't even know each other few days back but now all in sudden, he introduced Linda as his adopted cousin!!

This is of course suspicious….

But reincarnation…..it is still tough to agree with. Blake might be right too.… 

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