126 Jasper is a naughty kid

"It's revenge time" he mocked again raising his eyebrow. He then smiled at Biyu and turn back. 

"We expect you both to join the party in five minutes. Come downstairs soon" Jean winked at them and went with her husband. 

Biyu chuckled and snuggled in Jasper embrace. 

"Who does brother Scott mean? Revenge time??" she asked. 

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Jasper looked at her with mischievous eyes. "Ahh…..it's nothing. Me and my brother in law use to compete for my sister's attention. As I was small back then, she use to give priority to me most of the times" he laughed. 

"And, whenever my brother in law use to have quality time with my sister, I intentionally use to interrupt them, totally ruining their love time" he winked. 

Biyu who heard this almost choked up the water she is drinking. It was really so naughty for someone like Jasper…..

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