76 I have a theory about her case!!

As Jasper didn't want his favorite sister to get worried….he didn't delay his visit and drove to the private hospital in which…. unfortunately Biyu is taking her sessions with the same person whom he is about to meet. 


"Ms. Zhou, you are one of the toughest case I have dealt with. Your way of thinking, configuration of your thoughts….they are too confusing and complex. It is like you have two different memories for every single incident. However, you are making a good improvement too. I hope you will get back to normal soon" Blake said as he shook hands with her. 

"The day after tomorrow….we will have our next session. This time, let's change to new location….a place which can refresh your mind" he said. 

Feng who is standing beside his sister nodded his head. "I knew a place….Blake" he said as they shook his hand too. 

"Meet you guys later" Blake patted Biyu's shoulder and they exited the room. 

Blake still knows Linda as the adopted sister of Biyu and cousin of Feng. 

"Bro, don't you think that Blake is suspicious about me? He might have did a background check whether Linda is adopted sister or not?" Biyu asked Feng. 

His words today made her totally restless. 

And he even found a hint that she is reincarnated… 

He said that her case is too different….

Of course, it is not one person's memory but two persons…..

That too, their paths were crossed….creating a same memory but with different perspectives. 

"Don't worry Biyu. It is anyways true that you had an adopted sister right. Most of the people know that uncle and aunt adopted another girl after you were born. But no one knows who she is….we can simply make a conclusion that Linda is that adopted sister" Feng comforted his worried sister. 

"That's true. I miss Cara a lot." Biyu reminisced her time with her adopted sister Cara Walker. 

"Don't worry. We will find where she is. Let this mess completed soon" Feng said as he patted her head. 

"I wish she is happy. I don't hope anything much" Biyu smiled sadly. 

Cara is two years younger than her and she is adopted by her parents. As sisters, they were very close to each other. 

They were totally inseparable till their parents died. After their death, Biyu is taken away by her maternal family  from Walker family. 

As Cara is more closer to paternal family that is Walker's….she opted to stay with them only. However, after their parents died, her uncle Zake Walker was worried. 

He didn't want any of his nieces to get attacked by the enemies. So, he sent Cara to the boarding school. However, Walker grandparents used to visit her often and so was Biyu. 

Those sisters are really close but all in a sudden Cara decided to drop her studies and enter the army forces. 

However, Walker's didn't agree to it but Cara who is totally stubborn left the house and directly joined the military forces of country A which is her own country. 

Since two years there was no connection between them. She is in a special undercover Operation which is very confidential and highly important. 

Biyu really miss her a lot. 


Jasper reached the hospital. He took the elevator while Biyu and Feng came downstairs through steps. 

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'Fortunately' Jasper couldn't see them. But he felt as if he saw someone way too familiar. 

Brushing away his thoughts….he directly went to the floor where Blake just took sessions for Linda. 

"Man, it's been days" Blake warmly greeted Jasper who just entered the office. 

While Jasper entered the room, Blake is still looking into Linda's reports. 

So….when Jasper sat across Blake he instantly noticed the photo on the file. It is Linda!! 

He don't know that she is consulting psychiatrist…..

'Everything is fine with her right??' Jasper thought to himself. 

"Blake, is she the patient for whom you visited City H?" Jasper asked indifferently. 

Blake…who is very busy in analyzing her brain PET scan just nodded his head. 

"Yeah. Her brother is in one of my closest friend….so, I am here on his personal request" Blake said as his brows furrowed. 

PET scan is an imagining test of one's brain. The reports just came and he couldn't comprehend what the real problem is with her..  

Meanwhile, even Jasper frowned a little as his brows scrunched with confusion. 


Linda doesn't have anyone but a old grandfather. He died long back….so, basically she is an orphan Now….

Then who is this brother?? 

"Brother??" Jasper asked. Surprise and curiosity evident in his voice. 

"Yeah, bro….it is her brother….Zhou Feng. She is an adopted sister of his cousin Biyu. Why were you surprised? You know her??" Blake asked. His attention totally on Jasper. 

Jasper's relationship back then was totally a secret. Because of his family's background….Jasper didn't want Linda to get into risks. 

So, mostly no one knows about Linda except his close family. 

Meanwhile, Jasper is utterly shocked. 

Linda is Biyu's adopted sister?? 

How can this be possible….

Cara Walker is adopted sister of Evelyn Zhou Biyu. 

Not Linda Jones!!

"I am little familiar with her and also her sister Biyu. That's it.  By the way, what is her problem? You look so confused while checking her reports" Jasper covered up and asked. 

"Yeah. I am a little confused by her case. Well, I have a theory for that too…..but, no one will believe me and will think that I became crazy with my theory and thesis" Blake chuckled. 

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