208 Dumpling or Rice ball??

Everyone laughed and Biyu blushed. 

But she is thankful that no one found out about this matter.

"All right. Enough of teasing and making fun of my little Princess. It's time for party and almost everyone are here. Come fast" Biyu's grandfather, Elder Zhou said as he hurriedly walked inside.  

Later everyone followed him outside

… ..

The party is very lively and every one started giving toasts to the newly wedded couple. However, Biyu didn't touch any alcoholic items. She gave a reason that her doctor said not to drink because of her health issues. 

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Jasper couldn't help but look at his apologetically every time she denied consuming alcohol. He started getting more and more guilty for not being careful. And, at the same time Jasper could not deny that he felt extremely moved. 

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