The demon ceo

Contemporary Romance
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What is The demon ceo

Read ‘The demon ceo’ Online for Free, written by the author Blue_hisbiscus, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, REVENGE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Aidan Wilson a feared CEO in the business world and a dreaded mafia boss in the underworld who sends his enemies to an e...


Aidan Wilson a feared CEO in the business world and a dreaded mafia boss in the underworld who sends his enemies to an early grave without batting an eye. Crosses path with Racheal a soft and meek girl, who lost her parents at an early age to an accident makes a daring entrance into his life. Racheal is caught off guard after finding herself in his dark and creepy world. She couldn't care less after she was diagnosed with liver cancer and would die soon. She soon makes it her priority to fall in love before she dies. "I will not let you go so easily Aidan, you are now connected to my soul" Racheal said struggling in his tight grip, he t pinned her to the wall and smirked. "You've entered my world already so there's no turning back now" his hands traced her slender neck. In the next second his hand thightened on her neck, Racheal gasped for air, her eyes closed as hot tears streamed down her eyes. "Go ahead and kill me, I will die soon anyways" she choked on those words and felt his hand loosen from her neck. Did she change his heart ???

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A good book. The plots are good, the MCs are amazing with strong personalities. A must-read I must say.


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