The Dark Sweetest(Nightmare Edition) Book

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The Dark Sweetest(Nightmare Edition)


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A girl name Candy had met a girl name,d Sophia. They were best of friends and they would always enjoy each other comfort and they would talk about the future but one day Sophia had become mean to Candy on the first day of middle school and they would always be so close but Candy was alone when it came to middle school years and every year after that. Sophia becomes popular but Candy found it overrated and she was dealing with her own problems but she didn't have a friend until one day. Sophia asks Candy to come with her and she went with her due to being so distant from each other and they soon made it to the place and then she was hurt badly by the football boys and she looks at Sophia with such rage and she swears to get her revenge. Years pass and there was no sign of Candy anywhere and so she had thought she was scar for life and so Sophia would visit her house due to greed but that was just the beginning when Sophia found out that Candy's parents were killed and hanging from the ceiling. And so the story begins from start to finish and this might just give Candy the sweetest desire and revenge she wanted. This is a remake of The Dark Sweetest but it the Nightmare Edition. So if you want to it out then go for it and support that but it only about four chapters. No rape or sex, but some of the images that I describe may be a little detail toward that direction but not too much and it will be after chapter 10.


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